Antalya Airport Transportation Guide
How to get from Antalya Airport transfer to Antalya Region?



About Transfer in Antalya

Taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate, Antalya welcomes more people every season of the year. In addition to the local people, these tourists are added to the Antalya traffic to prevent problems in transportation to create an advanced public transportation system network was created. In this respect, we guarantee that you will not have any problems in city transportation. Therefore, for whatever reason, if you are in Antalya, there are public buses, minibuses and trams you can use from Antalya's center or districts. The people of Antalya prefer Antalya Kart with public transportation. If you wish, you can get this card for 5 TL at the dealers or at various points of sale. If you do not intend to use this card on public transportation vehicles in Antalya, you can also choose to use two and four board tickets. When you buy a two-pass card from the dealers, the tickets that cost 6,50 TL are purchased at buses and they are 7,50 TL. You can easily get the four boardings from the dealers to 12 TL and 13 TL to the buses. If you don't want to lose time in public transportation, it is important to remind that transportation is very common in Antalya with taxis or private vehicles.

About Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport, which has hosted countless people every year, started to provide services in 1960 in Antalya and reached to 13 billion square meters today. Antalya Airport, located 13 km from the city center, has managed to create a wide flight network by serving many domestic and foreign airline companies. Its central location according to the major tourist attractions makes it possible for many travelers to organize tourist visits. Antalya Airport is 65 km away from Manavgat, 200 km from Kaş, 125 km from Finike, 57 km from Kemer, 30 km from Serik, 229 km from Kalkan and 125 km from Alanya. The companies that will help transfer to various regions of Antalya have the chance to choose passengers because they are located in the airport building. A solution to the transportation problem has been found with tour companies and transfer companies serving at Antalya Airport. In addition, passengers can also use the taxi stand at the airport.

How to get from Antalya Airport transfer to Antalya Region?

With its location in Muratpaşa, Antalya Airport is very convenient for transportation to the city center and districts. When you come to Antalya Airport, you can easily reach the points you want to go with both the municipal buses and the airport services. In addition to local city buses, you can go to the bus station from Antalya Bus Terminal by using buses that move to districts such as Kas, Kemer, Manavgat, Finike and Konyaalti. You can also benefit from the companies offering car rental services at the airport. Taxis and private transfer companies will be ready for you. With us you can do the weather transfer bookking free of charge.

Public transportation (Antobüs, HAVAŞ and Antray)

Antobüs: While traveling from one place to another, you are starting to evaluate your transportation options even before your flight ends. If fatigue doesn't take you away, you usually prefer public transport. In this sense, buses will benefit you from Antalya Airport in Antalya. There are two Antrobuses that can carry passengers from Antalya Airport. One of them is the bus number 600 that moves to the Antalya City Bus Station. When you use this bus, you will proceed on a route that continues from Aspendos Boulevard to Mevlâna Street and then from Yüzüncü Yıl Boulevard to Antalya Training and Research Hospital. If you prefer this bus, you can get to any point on the route. It is possible to take these buses from the airport every hour in the morning from 6 am to 6 pm except the departure times at 01.15 and 03.45. Alternatively we can suggest the second line. This bus number 800 goes to Sarısu. It proceeds from the Bus Shelter Boulevard and passes through the Old Cemetery to the AKM Migros and then to Sarısu. You can also use this bus if you wish. There are buses departing from the Antalya Bus Terminal to the popular districts of the city.

HAVAŞ: HAVAŞ, which saves lives in the city center from the airport, also provides service from Antalya Airport. In front of the Domestic Terminal Terminal, HAVAŞ buses that you will take for 12 TL, can be downloaded at Sakarya Park, Otogar, Akdeniz University, Kemer Bus Stop. If you prefer private companies and tour companies moving from the center of Antalya to reach points such as Kaş, Manavgat, Finike, Konyaaltı and Kemer, they can provide you this transportation service. You can buy bus tickets from Antalya to Antalya for a fee between 30 and 45 TL.

Antray: In every city, it is not easy to find a transportation option such as a tram, which is fast, affordable and also regular flights, but Antalya has succeeded in making the people who want to prefer public transportation in this sense. If you want, you can use the Expo-Fatih tram, which is one of the transportation options from Antalya Airport. With Ankara Card you can easily travel on this line with only 2 TL. This tram, which runs from the Expo, will provide great convenience to you at Antalya Airport. If you want, you can go to Expo in Fatih direction and you can go to the stations such as Otogar, Emniyet, Muratpaşa, Doğu Garajı, Meydan or Aksu.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taksi: The goers prefer the taxi which is one of the most convenient transportation options from the airport. From Antalya Airport to the city center, there are 16 kilometers and the taxi fare can be preferred as it will cost you a maximum of 30 TL. If you want to go by taxi to Konyaalti about 40 TL, the distance of 61 kilometers from Kemer 70 to 90 TL you can come to a fee. Taximeter from other districts will pay an average of 80 TL to Manavgat, approximately 180 TL to Finike and 250 TL to Kaş.

Araç Kiralama: Now there are many companies that provide car rental services in almost every airport. You can choose a vehicle according to the number of passengers and budget by contacting the companies before or after your flight. Antalya Airport, whether you want to the city center, Kas, Side, Konyaalti, such as important points can be reached by car rental. If you want to evaluate this option, you can contact car rental companies such as Alamo, Europcar, Budget, Hertz, Avis from Antalya Airport.

Antalya Airport TransferOne of your transportation options in Antalya will be to benefit from the transfer services. It is possible that the hotel, the airport and private transfer companies will be able to help you. Before you go to Antalya Airport or before your journey, you can find out whether your preferred flight company or hotel will provide you with such service. Companies such as MyTransferAlanya.com, which serves from Antalya Airport, will be pleased with their reasonable prices and friendly service. If you come to Antalya tour, the airport will be waiting for you to go to the point where you will be waiting for services.

How to get to from Antalya Airport to the bus station of Antalya?

Which is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations Antalya, as well as urban transport is among the most advanced cities. Buses and minibuses provide access to many points of the city. From Antalya Airport to the Antalya Bus Station, there are public buses and airport shuttles on the 19-kilometer route that needs to be covered. You can also choose from any of the taxi and car rental options if you have one or if you are comfortable with it.
However, you can transfer to MyTransferAlanya through very reasonable prices.

Public Transportation (City Bus, Antalya Airport Shuttle)

City Bus: In Antalya, you can get to many points of the city by public buses, you can use the buses between Antalya Airport and Antalya Bus Station. Buses number 600 depart from the airport every half hour to go to Antalya Bus Station takes 55 - 60 minutes on average. These buses, which move every half hour during the day, have 3 expeditions during the night, at 01:15, at 03:45, at 06:00. You can pay for city buses in Antalya, with city cards used in public transport or in cash.

Antalya Airport Shuttle: 

Antalya airport services in Turkey as in many points, run by Havas. The airport services you can use to get to Antalya Bus Terminal from Antalya Airport depart right in front of the terminal building. Respectively; Serik Street (Ring Road), Gazi Boulevard, Hal Junction, Kepez Municipality, Industrial Junction, Istikbal Store, Calli, Dumlupinar Bulvari passes through the stops to reach Antalya Bus Terminal. Airport shuttle departure times are determined according to the airport landing hours. If you go to Antalya Bus Station from Antalya Airport, it takes 45 - 50 minutes.

You can query airport shuttle fees from the link below.


Private Transportation (Taxi, Car Rental)

Taxi: It is quite easy to go to the bus station from the airport by taxi, which is one of the methods frequently used in city transportation in Antalya. Taxis depart from the airport terminal building and take the bus station from the airport in an average of 25 to 30 minutes. For a distance of 19 kilometers between these routes, you need to pay an average of 80 - 100 TL.

Rent a car: The option of renting a car, which will greatly relax you in terms of transportation during your visit to Antalya, is also a good option for Antalya Airport from Antalya Airport. You can choose any one of the car rental companies in Antalya Airport (Aslanlar Oto, Aytucar, Enterprise, Işık Oto, Artı Oto, Sixt, Garenta, National Car Rental, Avis, TürkCar) and make your reservation. Antalya Airport, the car you rented by Antalya Bus Station takes an average of 30 to 35 minutes. Also, if you book early, you can benefit from discounts and campaigns offered by the companies.

How to get to Antalya Airport from the districts of Antalya?

Antalya, which attracts great attention, is trying to find a solution to the transportation problem of its guests, who have stolen their hearts with their beauty. Both the public buses and public transportation options, as well as the public of Antalya, as well as domestic and foreign tourists to serve the local people. Although public transport is usually given a weight, there is a tendency for private transportation. If you would like to take advantage of special transportation options, you can take a look at our car rental companies and taxis.

Public transportation (Antobüs, HAVAŞ and Antray)

Antobüs: There are two municipal buses that arrive directly to the airport. Antalya Airport-Antalya City Bus Bus number 600 is moving towards Antalya Sport Junction and passes through Antalya Research Hospital and reaches the airport via Serik Street. The other line is the 800 bus from Sarısu. You can get to Antalya Airport by riding from one of the stops on the route mentioned above. This bus that organized its first flight at 6.15am in the morning, performs its last expedition at 22.15 and moves every two hours. If you have acquired the Antalya Card which you can use in the municipal buses, you can make your one-way journey from 2.60 TL. Use of tickets is also possible to use of course.

HAVAŞ: Although it is quite expensive, especially those who are in a hurry in terms of ease of transportation can choose airport services. If you are in the hareket what I will do ından transportation to Antalya Airport, you can use the HAVAŞ buses moving from the Migros AVM car park. HAVAŞ, in addition to the scheduled flights from 4 am to 10 pm, moves at 1.30pm. If you are in the districts not in the center of Antalya, if you are going to use HAVAS to reach Antalya Airport, you must first come to the city center. For this, as we have mentioned above, you can choose bus companies like Kamil Koc and Western Anatolia Tour. You can also choose to take the sea buses that run between Kemer and Antalya.

Antray: Since the tramway is both a fast and convenient means of transportation, it is a great convenience for those who prefer to have public transportation in Antalya. This line starts at Fatih and ends at EXPO. Passengers within the route mentioned above can use Antray in transportation to Antalya Airport. In addition to the Antalya Card, you can also use the tickets for use at Antray. Antalya Airport, which offers a direct service is quite affordable.

Special Transportation Vehicles (Taxi, Car Rental, Transfer)

Taxi: If you do not like to be attached to the time of public transportation and therefore prefer taxis; The taximeter opens at 3.50 TL in Antalya and writes 3 TL per kilometer. Here you can give the approximate taximeter account in accordance with the information we provide. Antalya Airport is approximately 18 km from Antalya Museum and Masal Park, 126 km from Atatürk House and Museum and about 220 km from Kaputaş Beach.

Rent a car: Car rental is a preferred method of transportation more and more people are choosing. If you want to make your transportation with rental cars on the way to Antalya Airport, you can find many companies in different places of the city. There are Hilal, Garenta, Avis and Yüce Rent a Car companies in Muratpaşa, Famous and Alya in Kepez, Andifli and Tunahan in Kaş, Olympos and Turunc in Finike, Mediterranean and NGS car hire companies in Konyaaltı. .

Transfer: We do not think you have any other option that can offer the comfort and peace of mind of the private vehicle. Therefore, you can take advantage of transfer services from MyTransferAlanya because you will not have any problems with the crowd while making transportation to Antalya Airport fun. No matter where you are, with your chauffeur-driven vehicles, you're worried about why you're going to go to Antalya Airport. For this reason, you can make an effortless booking by booking online and selecting the right tool for you. If you are going with your personal car, the hourly rate of the car park at the airport is approximately 15 TL. You can determine your entrance and exit times via the official website of Antalya Airport and you can make a parking fee calculation.

From Antalya Bus Terminal How to Get to the Antalya Airport?

There are many public transportation vehicles and private transportation vehicles that you can use on the 19 kilometers distance between Antalya Bus Station and Antalya Airport. Municipal buses and airport shuttles from public transport serve their customers on this route, while taxi and car rental options are used for private transportation vehicles.

Public Transportation (City Bus, Airport Shuttle)

City Bus: Şehir iç ulaşımda en sık kullanılan ulaşım aracı olan belediye otobüsleriyle Antalya Otogarı’ndan Antalya Havalimanı’na gitmek oldukça kolay. Otogardan kalkan 600 numaralı belediye otobüsleriyle Antalya Havalimanı’na gitmek ortalama 55 – 60 dakika sürüyor. Günün 24 saati hizmet veren bu otobüslerde Antalya Kart kullanabileceğiniz gibi şoföre nakit olarak da ödeme yapabilirsiniz.

MyTranfserAlanya Antalya Airport Shuttle: You can easily get to the airport from the bus station with the airport services that serve between 5M Migros Shopping Center and Antalya Airport. When you get to the car from Antalya Otogarı on the route of the services, it takes an average of 45 - 50 minutes to go to the airport. Airport shuttles are moving around the clock in front of 5M Migros Shopping Mall in the morning from 04:00 to 22:00. At the same time, an additional flight to the airport is organized at 01:30 am. If you want to get more information about airport services;
Please visit https://mytransferalanya.com/en/

Private Transportation (Taxi, Car Rental)

Taxi: Of course, taxis are considered as the most convenient and fastest way to get to Antalya Airport from Antalya Bus Terminal. It takes 25-30 minutes to get to the airport by taxis departing from Antalya Bus Terminal. You will have to pay a fee of between 80 and 100 TL for the taxi you will make on this route. If you wish to take a taxi before negotiating with the driver can try to reduce the price.

Rent a car: Car rental, which is a frequently used method in Antalya, makes it easy to go to the airport from the bus station. You can make your reservation by choosing the best bidders from the car rental companies in or around Antalya Bus Station. However, make sure that the company you are renting a car has a branch in Antalya Airport. If the company does not have a branch at the airport, it can charge you an extra fee to take the vehicle from the location to the branch. Antalya Airport; Aslanlar Oto, Aytucar, Enterprise, Işık Oto, Artı Oto, Sixt, Garenta, National Car Rental, Avis, TürkCar are the branches of car rental companies. In addition to all this, you can save both money and time if you pre-book. Antalya Bus Station to rent an average of 30 to 35 minutes to Antalya Airport.

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