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For the reservations, you need to fill and approve the form on our website completely or call us from +90 541 441 6004. if there is less than 24 hours please call us otherwise your booking will not be accepted.

Once you have collected your luggage, our driver will be waiting outside the arrival hall holding a plate with the  Mytransferalanya / 724Transfer. Please identify yourself by showing him a copy of your booking voucher. In the unlikely event if you have any difficulties in locating your driver - please call our transportation service phone number provided in your voucher, where an English or Russian speaking representative will help you. (If calling from a mobile the international code must be dialed) If you ordered a sharing transfer so the driver may wait for another client who arrived with you on the same flight to be picked up all together. It’s a door to door service; the driver will drive to your private apartment, house/villa, or hotel

No, you will only pay what is decided on your phone call or website confirmation. VAT is included in the price

If you mention that you will need a child seat during your reservation, a child seat will be provided according to the age of your child.

Yes, all our vehicles have an air-conditioning systems.

Yes, our vehicles have wireless internet connections.

Yes, our vehicles have mains.

You need to make a reservation to go to Alanya from Antalya Airport.

You can open a reservation online at or you can contact us by calling +90 541 441 6004 (WhatsApp / Viber).

My Transfer Alanya provides transfer service from Antalya Airport to your hotel in Alanya İncekum Avsallar and Okurcalar regions.

Likewise, it provides transfer service from Gazipaşa Alanya Airport to the hotel in and around Alanya. In addition to these, you will see that we offer transfer services to all regions of Side, Kemer, Manavgat, and Antalya in the search you will make on the Airport transfer form.

First of all, in order to book Antalya Airport Transfer or Gazipaşa Airport Transportation, you must select your destination and hotel from the website. Then, you should choose the VIP transfer or Shared transfer option from the screen that appears after selecting the number of people and selecting the number of people, when your plane will land at Antalya Airport or Gazipaşa airport.

After confirming the transfer, it is useful to note your reservation number. At the same time, you will receive approval for Antalya Airport Transfer or Gazipaşa Airport by mail and SMS. You can do all of this online or by phone.

Please make sure that the information, especially the time and date, in the e-mails and SMS you receive are correct. On the day you arrive at Antalya airport, please introduce yourself to the welcome staff waiting for you outside. Our officer at Gazipaşa airport in Antalya airport will direct you to the vehicle. Here, our drivers will take you to your final destination. From Antalya airport or to Gazipaşa airport Our vehicles go to Manavgat Side Okurcalar, İncekum, Konaklı, Alanya, Mahmutlar and Kargıcak. We also have transfer services to Kemer or Antalya regions.

Alanya center is 135 km from Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport Alanya takes 2 hours on average. It takes up to 2.5 hours depending on the traffic. In this respect, we recommend that passengers who request Alanya Antalya Airport Transfer, especially during the summer months, start their journey 4 hours before the flight time. For our passengers traveling from Kargicak to Antalya airport, this period takes half an hour longer.

There are different shuttle options from Antalya airport to Alanya. The most convenient and economical of these is the service option of the airlines if any. However, many airlines do not have a shuttle service from Antalya airport to Alanya. Instead, our company, which provides service from Antalya airport to your home, meets your satisfaction at the most affordable prices.

Our company, where you can order 724 transfer service, provides service to your door. Enjoy your pleasant journey with our unlimited internet service during your trip.

Okurcalar is a region where large and important hotels are located. If you are coming to a hotel located here, you must make a transfer reservation. Because hotels are generally located far from bus routes. If you order My Transfer Alanya before arriving at Antalya airport, our company will take you to your hotel and you only need to pay 55 TL (2020 Price) for this transfer.

We also have Okurcalar transfer service from Gazipaşa Airport. The price is 50 TL. (2020 price). All you have to do is call us and make your reservation.

For Antalya airport Belek transportation, our company has private vehicle transfer options.

Our buses and minibusses depart from Antalya airport at the beginning of every hour, if there is no delay in our Antalya airport bus transportation hours.

You can reach Antalya airport Belek by private cars within our company.

The measures published on the official website of Antalya Airport are as follows!


Dear passengers,

In this section, you can find detailed information about the measures taken at our airport against COVID-19.

We kindly ask you to contact your airline for all the information about your flight and the precautions taken on board.

To the attention of our passengers going to Italy;

T.R. As announced by our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, a mobile application called "IMMUNI" has been developed for tracking and monitoring COVID - 19 cases in Italy, information about the mobile application can be accessed at, which also has an English version, About the "IMMUNI" mobile application, it was announced that our citizens who are expected to travel to Italy can be used by downloading the mobile application.

You can find the guide prepared by the Ministry of Health here.

You can reach the Covid-19 Information Text here.

How to Get HES Code? You can find detailed information here.


Antalya airport Side transfer

The side is a mysterious ancient city, which today is one of the top 5 most popular resorts in Turkey. Therefore, here at any time of the year, you can meet tourists strolling through the streets and enjoying the warm sun on the Mediterranean coast. And everything would be absolutely great, if not for one "but". In this city there is no own airport - the nearest is located 70 kilometers, in the city of Antalya. How can you get from Antalya to Side? This is what we will try to detail in this article.


Side Bus Transfer

For tourists, two bus options are available - to use the services of municipal or private companies. Immediately note that the first option is safer, as drivers drive very carefully; Private traders often violate the rules of the road and "fetch", but come to the destination earlier - the choice, as they say in such situations, is yours.

Buses from Antalya to Side run regularly - they depart from the bus station for 2-3 flights per hour. The route is laid through the famous Turkish city of Manavgat. It is located a couple of kilometers from Side, so during a holiday to visit it will not be very difficult. In Manavgat you can see the biggest mosque in this part of Turkey and the picturesque waterfall. The road from Antalya to Side deserves special attention - you can see and appreciate the Turkish natural beauty. The average travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes. The fare is 10 Turkish Lira.

Airport Shuttle bus

In fact, this opportunity to get to Side is almost the same as the previous version. The main difference is that you will spend a little less time on the way - this is due to the fact that minibusses stop only on demand, and not at every stop, as the bus does. Every 20 minutes from Antalya Airport a shuttle bus leaves for Side. The fare is slightly higher than on the bus - it is about 45 Turkish lira.

Side Airport Transfer

Side is a popular tourist city in Turkey, and as a rule, many tour operators include a transfer from the airport and back. Upon arrival at the airport, you should find the rack of your tour operator and inform you that you have arrived. After that, you will be shown exactly the bus that goes to your hotel, and without additional expenses, you will be taken to your destination. But this method has several disadvantages:

• As a rule, tourists are put on one bus from different hotels. And those whose hotel is located at the end of the list will have to wait until the rest of the tourists are taken to places.
• The shuttle bus does not like waiting for latecomers - if you are late on passport control or when you receive baggage, then the meeting representatives of the company may well not wait for you and leave, deciding that you have not arrived or decided to get in another way. In this case, you need to contact your tour operator and wait for the next flight and a group transfer to him.


The most convenient and practical way to get from Antalya to Side is, of course, a taxi. But, despite all the comfort and speed of arrival to the destination, this trip will cost a lot financially - about $ 80. Do not forget that in Turkey at night there is a special tariff, increasing the price by half.

Finding a taxi at the Antalya airport will not be difficult, but you can order it in advance: by phone or through mobile applications, which today is abundant. The average travel time is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Alanya City Center and Bus Station, between Alanya Marina and Gazipaşa Airport, Gazipaşa 46 Km. This distance will take approximately 46 minutes by car. If you are planning to travel by plane, you can complete the 41 km journey in approximately 33 minutes. Gazipaşa Airport is also called Alanya Airport because of this proximity.

There is no direct shuttle (bus) transfer from Gazipaşa airport to Side and Manavgat. So you can follow the methods below

1- By booking a car rental with the driver on the website
2- In the same way, you can book the shuttle (bus) up to the Alanya bus terminal on our website and by the bus, you will take from the Alanya bus station.
3- With 2 separate shuttle reservations on our site Gazipaşa airport - Alanya Bus Station - Manavgat / Side
(You can also use this method for Gazipaşa Airport - Antalya Airport transportation)

There is no direct shuttle (bus) transfer from Gazipaşa airport to Antalya airport. So you can follow the methods below

1- By booking a car rental with the driver on
2- In the same way, you can book the shuttle (bus) up to the Alanya bus terminal on our website and by the bus, you will take from the Alanya bus station.
3- With 2 separate shuttle reservations on our site ( Gazipaşa airport - Alanya Bus Station - Antalya Airport)
(You can also use this method for Gazipaşa Airport - Manavgat / Side transportation)

There is no direct shuttle (bus) transfer from Antalya Airport to Gazipaşa Airport. So you can follow the methods below

1- By booking a car rental with the driver on
2- In the same way, you can book the shuttle (bus) up to the Alanya bus terminal on our website and by the bus, you will take from the Alanya bus station.
3- With 2 separate shuttle reservations on our site

Yes. Our cars have baby seats. Whether you want to book Antalya airport or Gazipaşa airport transfer, it is sufficient to inform us.