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Istanbul New Airport Transportation Guide

Where is Istanbul New Airport?

It is located on the European side of Istanbul New Airport next to Terkos Lake and at Çatalca-Göktürk-Arnavutköy Intersection.

Istanbul New Airport, on April 6 after Ataturk Airport to stop providing services to scheduled flights in Istanbul and Turkey began to serve as the largest airport.

Istanbul New Airport, which is the first stop of domestic and foreign tourists to Istanbul, was opened with the understanding of providing comfortable and fast service to its guests. Istanbul New Airport, which is the main airport of Istanbul, serves the international passengers together with the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which continues to serve.

International Airway Transportation code of Istanbul New Airport, which has started to serve more than 350 destinations, has also been designated as IST.

Istanbul New Airport is located in the north of Istanbul and is connected to Arnavutköy district.

Istanbul New Airport has also become the main operation center of Turkish Airlines.

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How to Get the New Istanbul Airport?

Transportation to Istanbul New Airport, which is located at the connection point of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and North Marmara Motorway, can be reached by taxi, by HAVAIST and IETT vehicles.

The construction of the metro, which has not yet been reached by metro or Metrobus, reaches Istanbul New Airport.

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Transportation to Istanbul New Airport

İstanbul Havalimanı

Havas Transfer

With 65 buses, Havaist offers luxury and luggage transportation services with 150 buses. The 7-day 24-hour Havist operates on 20 different lines. Istanbul can be used to board the Havist lines that organize flights between 15 and 40-minute intervals.

Air line's line-price tariff is as follows:

You can query bus and air tickets from the panel below.


Durak Adı Kilometre Süre Fiyat
Alibeyköy Cep Otogarı  31 km 55 dk 16.00 ₺
Arnavutköy 20 km 35 dk 12.00 ₺
Bahçeşehir 42 km 80 dk 16.00 ₺
Bakırköy 44 km 80 dk 18.00 ₺
Başakşehir 27 km 45 dk 14.00 ₺
Beşiktaş 43 km 110 dk 18.00 ₺
Hacıosman 40 km 60 dk 16.00 ₺
Halkalı 40 km 75 dk 16.00 ₺
Kadıköy 64 km 90 dk 25.00 ₺
Kemerburgaz 21 km 40 dk 12.00 ₺
Mahmutbey Metro  36 km 60 dk 15.00 ₺
Mecidiyeköy 37 km 60 dk 16.00 ₺
Otogar  39 km 75 dk 16.00 ₺
Pendik 97 km 100 dk 30.00 ₺
Sancaktepe 64 km 120 dk  25.00 ₺
Sarıyer 40 km 60 dk 16.00 ₺
Sultanahmet 52 km 110 dk 18.00 ₺
Taksim 40 km 95 dk 18.00 ₺
Tüyap  58 km 110 dk 21.00 ₺
Yenikapı 48 km 110 dk 18.00 ₺



IETT Bus Schedules


IETT provides service with Halkali, Mecidiyekoy, and Ataturk Airport lines.

İETT Hatları

Hat Kodu Hat İsmi Sefer Sayısı Sefer Sıklığı
H-1 Mahmutbey Metro-Istanbul Airport 64 30 dk
H-2 Mecidiyekoy-Istanbul Airport 144 10 dk
H-3 Halkali-Istanbul Airport 96 20 dk
H-4 Ataturk Airport-Istanbul Airport 130 15 dk



Private Transportation

MyTransferAlanya There are different route alternatives for those who want to come to Istanbul Airport with their special vehicles. If there is no traffic problem, the transportation times to Istanbul Airport are as follows:

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European side:

Avcilar - Istanbul Airport: 51 min

Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport: 39 min

Taksim - Istanbul Airport: 45 min

Levent - Istanbul Airport: 35 min

Maslak - Istanbul Airport: 32 min

Fatih-Istanbul Airport: 43 min

Anatolian side:

Kavacik - Istanbul Airport: 36 min

Uskudar - Istanbul Airport: 48 min

Umraniye- Istanbul Airport: 46 min

Kadikoy - Istanbul Airport: 52 min

Pendik - Istanbul Airport: 1 hour 3 min

Istanbul Airport can be reached via Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge via the Northern Marmara Motorway. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connects Europe and Asia with each other and offers an easy and fast route to Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport Taxi Transportation

Taxis are available 24 hours a day and 7 different taxi services are available at Istanbul Airport. Black color, E; blue color D; The orange color is named C.

Passengers who wish to make use of the taxi service can take advantage of the main stops located in the Domestic and Domestic Passenger Arrival sections of the Plaza Section or the vehicles on the departure or arrival floor.

Taxi fares can be increased from TL 90 to TL 200. Charges may vary according to the waiting times in the traffic.

Istanbul Airport Expected Project Completion

Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport Metro

There is not yet a metro stop close to Istanbul Airport, but the projects continue.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport, which will serve between the metro line in the first half of 2020 will enter service, he said.

Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Kemerburgaz-Göktürk-İhsaniye stops between Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport Gayrettepe Metro stop Hacıosman-Yenikapı subway and Gayrettepe metrobus stop transfer can be made.

Halkalı-Arnavutköy-Istanbul Airport

6 stations will consist of Halkalı - Arnavutköy - Istanbul Airport Metro Line, Halkalı, Temapark, Olimpiyatköy, Kayaşehir Merkez, Arnavutköy Merkez, New Airport.

The metro line, which will be 27 kilometers long, is not known yet.

Parking Service at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport's parking lot is the largest parking lot in the world under one roof. The parking lot consists of 5 blocks and has 7 floors.

Valet and Car Care services are provided in the parking lot with a capacity of 40,000 vehicles.

The vehicles in the parking lot are monitored by a 24/7 security camera and there are 24/7 security personnel and patrol services.

With the or Where is My Car park application, it is possible to find the vehicles easily, “Vehicle Orientation System sağlan provides easy parking in the fastest and most convenient way.

You can calculate the fees of the airport car park which provides mobile payment, direct debit, QR code, and NFC payment facilities on the official website of Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport Hotel 

YOTEL İstanbul Airport is one of the largest airport hotels in Europe and one of the largest airport hotels in the world.

YOTEL can accommodate all passengers on the land side, while YOTELAIR is on the airside for passports-controlled and international travelers.

Designed for business or leisure travelers as well as flight crews and travel companies arriving at Istanbul Airport.

The airport hotel offers free Wi-Fi, smart TV service and smart beds.

The hotel toplantıs public areas includes meeting and relaxation facilities. A bar and restaurant serving self-service food and beverages are also available.

For reservation Click

Car Rental Service at Istanbul Airport

If you want to rent a car to explore Istanbul, all rental car offices are located on the land side of the Istanbul Airport.

Other Information About Istanbul Airport

İstanbul Havalimanı

  • Istanbul Airport has its own application. The application offers various possibilities to make your trip more comfortable. You can reach any details about your flight by using Flight Tracker and Home to Airport options and you can calculate the transportation from your home to the airport. In practice, there is also a map of the airport. To download to your IOS device Click. To download to your Android device Click.
  • The most outstanding brands of the world serve to passengers with branches at Istanbul Airport. You can meet all your needs at the airport before you start your journey or come to Istanbul.
  • A total of 150 points of Istanbul Airport have cafes and restaurants serving food and beverage services.
  • Duty-Free section, which is divided into 9 sections, hosts different brands and offers the most reasonable prices to Istanbul Airport passengers.
  • The most technological and most recent applications of the trip are at Istanbul Airport. At this airport, shopping carts can be charged; It features mobile casings and electronic customer profile recognition and analysis system. With the bil Magic Mirror em application, customers can see watches, sunglasses, accessories, clothing, and makeup products without trying. Special vehicles are allocated for physically handicapped customers and they can shop safely and comfortably with trained sales consultants.
  • The largest lounge area in the world is located at Istanbul Airport. You must be an IGA Pass member to benefit from privileges. For more information Click.
  • Istanbul Airport will fly to more than 360 destinations.
  • Since October 2018, there have been approximately 400,000 passengers and 3200 flights.
  • Transportation from Atatürk Airport lasted 45 hours and is considered to be one of the largest industrial transportations in world history.
  • Istanbul Airport is expected to serve more than 90 million passengers in 2 years.
  • To explore Istanbul Airport 360 degrees Click.
  • To reach Istanbul Airport call center: 444 1 442

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